Commercial Boiler Services in Villa Rica, GA

CBK Mechanical, Inc. is your all-in-one HVAC provider, with experience that spans both commercial boilers and commercial coolers and chillers. Our Villa Rica, GA technicians have broad experience with all different makes, models and types of boilers and chillers, and we make it a point to stay up-to-date on service best practices. We’re ready to swing into action 24 hours a day for our Georgia customers.

Commercial Boiler Service

Our experience with commercial boilers makes us the go-to authority when it comes to repairs, part replacements, maintenance and even new installations. If your boiler isn’t maintaining pressure, has a leak or isn’t providing the content temperatures you demand from it, give us a call for service. We address broad boiler issues, including:

  • Kettling, as well as knocking or banging
  • Leak repair or damaged seals
  • Pilot light malfunctions and inconsistency
  • Damaged or malfunctioning pumps
  • Loss of pressure or low pressure
  • Frozen condensate pipe

We take the time to troubleshoot the extent of any issues and provide solutions that restore and preserve the function of your boiler. We act fast to serve the needs of Georgia clients before their boiler issues become dangerous.

Commercial Chiller Service

We service commercial chillers utilized by local-area hotels and other businesses, to ensure they’re working efficiently and providing dehumidified air of the highest caliber. Our factory-trained technicians are highly adept at spotting common chiller issues, and we come staffed and stocked to fix them. Some of the common chiller issues we fix in Villa Rica, GA include:

  • Blown circuits, loose fuses and connection problems
  • No pumping or insufficient flow problems
  • Fluid pump failure or process restriction issues
  • Blocked or damaged fluid filters
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Evaporator or condenser malfunctions

Contact us at the first sign of inefficiency from your chiller. We waste no time in setting it right, and can provide measurable improvements that return the air in your facilities to a comfortable level.

Call us for Commercial Heating and Cooling

Rely on CBK Mechanical, Inc. when your boiler or chiller starts showing inefficiencies or problems affecting performance. We can be reached at 770-838-1949 all hours of the day or night to handle immediate issues, and we deliver commercial HVAC solutions that get these vital installations up and running again.

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